• Cast Aluminum Sets: 10 year frame warranty & 2 years on finish
  • Aluminum Seating Frames: 5 year warranty
  • CRP recycled plastics: 25 year limited warranty for non commercial use & a 10 year fade warranty on the colour
  • Suntastic Solution dyed poly fabrics: 3 year fade warranty
  • Suntastic Solution dyed acrylic fabrics: 5 year fade warranty
  • Sunbrella fabrics: 5 year fade warranty
  • O’Bravia Solution Dyed Poly: 4 year fade warranty
  • Cushions: 1 year warranty for separation of the seams & 1 year for zippers
  • Accent Pillows: 30 day warranty of separation of the seams, fading and zippers.

If you have an issue with your patio set or furniture that does not appear to be covered under our warranty, whether it is an accidental cause or misuse, please contact us. We will do everything possible to help you enjoy your patio set as long as possible, no matter what the cause.

Replacement parts are kept on site and held in inventory at our store for years after. We do not charge our customers above our wholesale cost for replacement parts.