Winter Storage

Patio sets can be stored outside over the winter months by using a weather resistant, protective cover. Various shapes and sizes of patio set covers can be found in our store; for anything that doesn’t fit, a standard blue tarp firmly tied anchored down can also work. Store the patio set upright, and ensure that edges of the cover or tarp are secured down. Check that everything is dry and remove any water from the frame before storage. All fabrics and cushions should be dried out and stored indoors during the winter.

Rain Storage

Cushions must be stored indoors during any rain and protect your fabrics from retaining moisture. Keeping them away from direct contact with the rain prolongs the lifespan and appearance of your cushions. Cushions can also be stored in a deck box or covered patio area. If you don’t have interior storage options or want to keep the cushions outside and not worry about weather, Rain Coats can be purchased from our store.

Wet Cushions

For proper care, wet cushions must be aired out as soon as possible. Open up the cover zippers and lightly squeeze out the excess water. Lay the cushions upright against the patio deck or rails to dry out fully. DO NOT place the cushions in the dryer.