Cast aluminum sets come with a 10 year frame warranty and 2 years on finish

Aluminum seating frames come with a 5 year warranty.

CRP recycled plastics 25 year limited warranty for non commercial use and a 10 year fade warranty  on the colour.

Suntastic Solution dyed poly fabrics come with a 3 year fade warranty.

Suntastic Solution dyed acrylic fabrics come with a 5 year fade warranty

Sunbrella fabrics come with a 5 year fade warranty.

O'Bravia solution dyed poly comes with a 4 year fade warranty.

​Extruded metal fire tables come with a  

Cushions come with a 1 year warranty for separation of the seams and 1 year for zippers.

Accent pillows come with 30 day warranty of separation of the seams, fading and zippers.

If you have an issue with your set that does not look to be covered under our warranty, is an accidental cause or misuse, please call us.  We will do everything possible to help you enjoy your set as long as possible, no matter what the cause. 

Repacement parts are kept on site and held in inventory for years after.  We do not charge our customers above our cost for replacement parts.  Hopefully you never need us but if you do you will love our customer service!  Because let's face it, "Life Happens!"

Outdoor Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Fabric protector

Wicker Protector

Fabric cleaner

Wicker cleaner

​Cast AluminumCleaner

Teak Cleaner 

Wine Away (red wine remover)

​Call 519-579-7888 or 1-844-407-40PATIO (1-844-407-40PATIO)

Care of your glass top

Glass tops can be cleaned with window cleaner and paper towel. 

Umbrellas must be removed in wind and rain as they will torque the glass and break it.

The glass is tempered which means it will shatter into millions of tiny particles if compromised. 

Do not put hot or very cold items directly on the glass. Extreme temperatures should not come in direct contact with your glass top.

Do not pile heavy cases of beverages or items on your glass.

Glass should be stored indoors for the winter.

Care and Maintenance of your cushions and fabrics

Fabrics should be wiped clean when they show signs of dirt or soiling.  Simply use a mixture of mild dish soap and water and a soft sponge to wipe fabrics clean. Or for even better results try our TG Fabric Cleaner. For heavier dirt you can occasionally remove the covers and hand wash with a mild soap and lukewarm  water.  Lay flat to dry. 

Never machine wash or dry your covers.  

Fabrics and cushions need to be completely dry prior to storage to prevent mildew and must from occurring.

​For more info on specific stains you can visit the Sunbrella or Suntastic websites or call us.

Resin Lumbar Furniture

  • Mr. Clean eraser
  • Patio Furniture Cleaner
  • Soapy sponge and water
  • ​Earth Scrub recipe (email us)

Winter Storage

Your set can be stored outside with a protective cover.  You can use a patio set cover or a standard blue tarp.  Edges should be weighted down with bricks or heavy stone.  Store your set upright .  Ensure you remove any water from the frame.  All cushions need to be removed to store inside for the winter.  Ensure cushion are dried out prior to storing.  Preference would be to use outdoor 4 season covers for winter storage of your furniture.

Care of your  outdoor resin wicker

Resin wicker can be washed down with a garden hose for regular cleaning.  If required, you can use a mixture of mild dish soap and water and a soft sponge to get rid of any surface dirt .  Rinse set off with a garden hose after cleaning.   Never use cleaners  or chemicals to clean your wicker.  Do not pressure wash your set, use steel wool or abrasive products.


Cushions must be stored when raining to prolong the life and look of your cushions.

Options for storing in rain:

  • Deck box 
  • Rain coats (can be purchased from us) if you do not want to pull cushions off in the rain.
  • Store indoors

Wet cushions

    Open zippers and lightly squeeze out any excess water.

    Lay straight up against deck or rail to dry out.

    DO NOT place cushions in dryer.

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